The Greatest Career Advice Video
Heres what they said

The biggest Challenge youll face on graduating...

Getting a job any job!

Should you go back to further study or take any job going?

Take any job going. Take any job going and then do some further study as part of your career development plan. Take a job youll gets lots of experience from it. If the further study is going to help you get a job the following year, then do it. Otherwise to work is better than not to work from an employers opinion.

Top Fashion Tip...

Go naked! Get good hair. Dress smartly for the interview. Over dress rather than under dress. You can never wear too much blue eye make up


Should you take a gap year?

Yeah, definitely especially if youre going to spend it ........... Yes, if you want one. Its a good time to go travelling, but if you stay at home structure it well. If you go abroad try and see about work placements while youre out there.

When I grew up I wanted to be a...

Jockey. Porn star. Astronaut. Formula One racing driver. A builder. A music teacher. An air hostess

If your grades arent as good as youd hoped...

Build on your work experience. See a careers advisor as soon as possible

Cover Letter is more important than the CV

True. False. True. Both are equally important

Best Advice My Mum Ever gave me was...

Always wear clean underwear. Wash behind your ears. Dont give up . Listen to your mother.

Get References from...

Careers advisor, former employer, best mate, vicar. Your tutor and employers. Keep them in a portfolio just in case you ever need them

All work experience is relevant?

True. True. Absolutely, youve got to see the best in everything you do

Michael Jacksons Greatest Record was ...

Beat It. Thriller. Billie Jean. Thriller. Man in the Mirror. Thriller. Man in the Mirror.

My top tip for a great job interview is...

Always be prepared and find out about the company before you get there. Research. Floss your teeth before smiling

Salary or Stability?

Stability. Salary. Neither, go for passion. Do something you enjoy.

If you lack confidence you should...

Cover it up by doing your research and know the company and the market. Go outside your comfort zone. Go on a trip with a swimming team and a beach volley ball team

You dont need a job advertised to approach an employer?

No you dont, us your own initiative and approach them. Practically speaking its true