The Sri Lankan Government has long tried to portray the Sri Lankan civil war as a Government campaign against terrorism but the truth is that the Sri Lankan Government has carefully engineered the Genocide of Tamils on the island. Beneath the veneer of a picture postcard image of Sri Lanka that the government provides, lies a country that has increasingly become a brutal society in which the fundamental rights of Tamil people are denied. These human rights abuses against Tamils are committed by the Government of Sri Lanka.

On the 18th of May, the war in Sri Lanka ended but the suffering of the Tamils continues in the Government Welfare Camps which are more similar to the Nazi Concentration Camps during the Holocaust, than Welfare Camps.

During the war without witnesses, the Sri Lankan Army used illegal weapons, deprived innocent Tamil civilians of food and medicine; and bombed government assigned safety zones.

Currently, nearly 300, 000 Internally Displaced Peoples are trapped in barbed-wired internment camps without access to food, medicine and water. Reports of sexual harassment including raping of young women by the military personnel and torture and killings continue to emerge rapidly from these IDP camps. There are continued reports of extra-judicial executions and forced "disappearances," and the fate of thousands of disappeared Tamils remains unknown. On May 7th, reports emerged of over 13,000 Tamil youth that went missing from these camps.

There are over 80,000 children in these camps, some of which have been left orphaned.
To add, there have been many reports of children being separated from their parents and the Times newspaper has reported that Paramilitary groups with links to the Sri Lankan Army are abducting Tamil children as young as 12 from state-run internment camps.

Sri Lanka prides itself as a functioning democracy. Yet media freedom, a vital pillar of democracy is non existent. Sri Lankan media is self-censored and national/international media are not allowed into the war zone. All International NGOs, UN Organisations and International Aid Agencies are banned from the war zone and now in the camps.

The atrocities of the Sri Lankan State over the last 30 years have resulted in the deaths of more than 170, 000 Tamils, forced nearly a million Tamils to flee Sri Lanka and internally displaced 800,000 Tamils

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There are no witnesses to the ongoing genocide and there is a complete blackout of information so the world is mostly oblivious. Sri Lanka is disguising its Genocide of Tamils as the War against Terrorism. For years, the Sri Lankan Government has tried to cover up its genocide of Tamils using cricket and for years, they have succeeded. This year, they plan to disguise its atrocities by entertaining cricket-loving nations in their own backyard