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    Karishma Kapoor

    All those who were hoping to see Karisma Kapoor back on the big screen post her
    stint on Star One's dance reality show "Nach Baliye" have been pleasantly
    surprised to see her returning on television as a judge on a comedy show.

    Joining her in "Hans Baliye" is director David Dhawan, with whom Karisma has
    delivered several hit films.

    Clad in a pair of slim black jeans, there seemed to be no hint of marriage and
    motherhood in Karisma's shapely figure as she stood tall facing the media
    queries at a recent event for the new TV show.

    What's the secret behind your svelte figure?

    You know, I need to run after my daughter the whole day long. Looking after her
    not only gives me satisfaction as a mother but also keeps me fit in the bargain.

    What is it that attracts you to the small screen again and again?

    Actually, `Hans Baliye' is a show of its own kind. Something which has been
    conceptualised for the first time…a reality show based on stand-up comedy. And
    participating in reality shows is something I like and hence I opted for it.

    Why aren't you making use of the time to make a comeback in films? Why haven't
    you struck a `jodi' with David for a movie instead?

    Work is work. Whether it's TV or the big screen, it makes no difference. Dhawan
    has been the most sort after and also long lasting. We may team up again.

    People loved your `teen taali' signature gesture in `Nach Baliye'. So what is it
    going to be for `Hans Baliye'?


    I have something different instead of the three claps in `Nach Baliye'. You will
    have to watch the show to know what it is.

    We've heard that you've decided not be a lenient judge this time around.

    Yes, this time I am not going to be very lenient. I am going to judge them on
    their timing. A little lagging behind and their marks will be slashed

    Do you think couples can cook up good comedy together?

    Marriage is also like a comedy. The funny things husbands and wives share
    between them is really enjoyable. Even if there are some small fights, there
    always is scope for humour. The celebrity couples on `Hans Baliye' have drawn
    references from their real life chemistry. All this will make the show more

    Do you get into fights with your husband Sanjay Kapur?

    Why not? We too are human beings. Life without fights is incomplete.

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    nice interview cv

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