Michael Jackson wanted a knighthood
Michael Jackson wanted a knighthood says Uri Geller

On a forthcoming documentary "My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri's Story", the TV psychic tells of a private tour of the Houses of Parliament in 2001 with Lord Greville Janner, Michael, and illusionist David Blaine.

Uri says: "I once took him to the Houses Of Parliament and he whispered: 'Is the Queen here?'

"He should have got a Knighthood really but it was impossible to achieve and we spoke about that quite a lot."

Geller says that the late singer was a big fan of Her Majesty and that Michael hoped she would honour his talents and achievements in popular music.

He added: "You see Michael wanted to meet the Queen, he wanted the Queen to honour him, he really did want that, very much, that was one thing that really was in Michael's heart."

Geller also claims in the documentary that he once warned Michael that his use of prescription drugs would result in his death.

Uri allegedly made the comments after discovering Michael lying motionless on a bed.


He said: "You know I shouted, I really shouted, 'Michael stop it, Michael you will die - you're killing yourself. Look at you, the world needs you, nobody wants to lose you'.

"And he was there in bed and he just stared at me and, you know, I'm sure he knew of course, I'm sure he knew but only God knows now why, why he did this."

He added: "I've never seen him take anything but I've seen the aftermath - and the aftermath sometimes was devastating."