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Thread: Miss nothing!!

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    Miss nothing!!

    Miss nothing!

    Being enlightened means being self aware.
    Awareness of yourself means you don't miss
    anything inside.
    You are aware of things like the quality of
    your thoughts and feelings, of how you sometimes
    give your power to others, and how your self-esteem
    occasionally fluctuates.
    You don't miss anything because you know that
    knowing yourself is vital to being comfortable
    with yourself.
    Are you comfortable with yourself?
    Then be with your self, talk to your self,
    listen to your self today.
    Take a few moments out and have a meeting
    with yourself.
    Put yourself in your diary.
    Put your self at the top of your to list.
    And write next to it, 'being with myself'.
    Miss nothing in your self.


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