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Thread: SnoopFree Privacy Shield for Windows XP

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    SnoopFree Privacy Shield for Windows XP

    SnoopFree Privacy Shield for Windows XP

    SnoopFree Privacy Shield works in a unique and powerful way against all spy software. We mean all spy software! We detect all known and unknown spy software programs. Our software protects your privacy by watching for suspicious programs running on your computer. A suspicious program is any program that tries to watch your keyboard, take pictures of your screen or read text from un-owned windows. These three activities are the cornerstone of all modern spy software.

    Technically, SnoopFree Privacy Shield loads very early during the startup of Windows XP -- before any spy software can possibly be running. When loaded, the software installs monitoring instructions that track access to unprotected systems within Windows XP. If any program tries to access your keyboard, screen or windows in a suspicious way, it is brought to your attention immediately. You can view detailed information about the offending program and decide to allow or deny access. The software operates much like a firewall for your keyboard, screen and open windows. This unique protection allows you to use your computer even if you have spy software installed! Spy software operators will not see any valuable information. You can also easily delete suspicious programs with the click of a button!

    download the software from the link below the screen shots.

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    thanks for the post

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