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Thread: Save Money with Environment-Friendly Office Practices

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    Save Money with Environment-Friendly Office Practices

    Save Money with Environment-Friendly Office Practices

    In line with our goal of encouraging more and more people to be friendly to the environment and helping small companies save money, here is another set of environment-friendly office practices that can also save you money.


    1. Donít forget to use both sides of the paper. This could greatly help in lessening paper expenses and help save trees.

    2. Steer away from purchasing office supplies made of PVC, aluminum and styrofoam.

    3. In buying products and supplies, remember that it could save you more if you would order in bulk. You receive volume discounts and fewer delivery trips save fuel.

    4. Convert office light fixtures to compact fluorescent lamps.

    5. Once in a while, remember to turn down your thermostats by a couple of degrees and save up to ten percent in your electric bill.

    6. Replace old computers with new, more energy-efficient units.

    7. Set gadgets and equipment to sleep mode when not in use. Check if energy-saving software like PecoBOO will work for you.

    8. Initiate a recycling program or activity for various items inside your office. Provide recycling bins and make everyone in your office stay aware of your green initiatives and the effects it can give to the environment.

    9. Offer incentives for employees who would cooperate in and promote your program and let everyone know how much the office has saved in energy, materials and money.

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    Wonderful...i like it

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