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Thread: Secret of Long term Relationships and Deals

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    Secret of Long term Relationships and Deals

    Have you ever noticed what is un-conditional love?

    its type of love that dont require always a positive response from the other person. its without conditions. mostly our parents , brothers sisters , wives have this type of relationship. and keep in mind , if you feel that you dont have this relationship with them , then please change your mind and realize that you can not have alternate of these relationships.

    But at the same time , we must accept that every relationship is not un-conditional. even best friends don't have this strong bond. you may disagree with me , but start thinking practically , that how you make friends , they have common interests with you , they give you favor and time , you give them the same. so rethink , that is that really an unconditional relationship?

    For all the "Conditional relations" you must have a rule,
    whether its your business partner ,
    whether its your best friend

    you must have a rule
    what ever deal you have with them , you must see your benefit in it.

    No , its not selfishness
    but its the secret of the long term relationship.

    i will explain this with examples.

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    Your best friend arrives at railway station , you are busy at home , doing some work , and he calls you , hey i reached home , please pick me up if you are free.........

    Now at this time you are not free..... and you say to your self ,hey he is your best friend , i must go, you choose to go to railway station , take him to his home and at the door of the home he says , ok i am feeling sleepy now , see u later ,

    now you think to your self , "man , i left an important assignment for that person , and he said i am going to sleeep , how rude...." etc....'.

    or there can be different scenario , that you come at railway station and u call him and he refused that sorry i am busy , what you will think at this time................................

    so why this happened???????? just recall your memory......

    Now , i again give u the same example ,

    your friends calls and asks you that please take me from railway station if you are not busy.............

    you say , hey i love to come to take u from station , but i am busy in my assignment

    and he will say , its ok , i call my brother

    see u


    but if you are really free , and still dont want to go to railway station , now again its time for you to take the decision , ask your self that you really want to go , if the answer is NO , then you will refuse.

    The right method for refusing a person is , that first tell him that he is very important for you , but you cant come due to some reason. or you can say "I am not feeling Well" , because your feelings are not allowing you to go to railway station.


    now we discuss another scenario , that your friends calls u to railway station , and u also were waiting to go for outing or for drive or you were willing to go outside for a change. now you must accept his offer and you can give him this favour. in this small favour aur deal , you happiness is also hidden. so its the best deal or favour you can give to anyone.


    when we give a favour to some one , which we dont want to ............... this makes problem for the future, your expectations from the person will increase , and this can blast your relationships.


    similarly doing business with friends..............

    keep in mind that if business failed you will also loose your best friend.

    keep in mind that dont make loose terms and conditions , because he is your friend , when you do the business, just become a businessman.


    these things will look like selfishness , but actually this will decrease the chance for the relationship collapse.

    Feel free to comment , agree or disagree.....


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    thnx admin

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