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Thread: positivity and health.

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    positivity and health.

    today , it is proved , the people who stay negative , face big health issues in their life.

    they enter into a vicious circle of diseases.

    they get depression

    high blood pressure

    depression attracts more diseases. also it can take you to suicide.
    Depression is the main cause of acidity, acidity also drives you to more diseases.

    high blood pressure is mother of many diseases. which is also proved.

    so why dont we choose the right way for us , why dont we keep our self away from anger and negative thinking.

    accept and admit that you have negative thoughts , you have anger in your life.

    and let these bad habits go from your life.

    positivity keeps you happy and fresh.

    you feel motivated and energetic all the time

    and that's the life.

    come and join a healthy life.



    here i have a religious quote , specially for Muslim brothers and sisters.....

    Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne farmaya
    "Dua k siva koi cheez taqdir k faisle ko rad nahi kar sakti aur naiki k siwa koi cheez umer ko nahi barha sakti"

    u know , in Islam religion , if you saw any one with a smile , its also a naiki , a good deed. so our Holy Prophet Peace be Upon him has asked us to be positive , and keep doing good to all. thats the way to be positive.
    and He has announced that this positiveness will increase your Life.

    this Hadees hides many messages inside. i am presenting only one point of view.

    which is

    do good deeds.
    this will keep you positive
    this will keep you healthy
    and this will increase your life.

    May Allah show us the Right Path.

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    Really True..............TFS

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