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Thread: I Pray.... God Anwers!!!!

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    I Pray.... God Anwers!!!!

    As I sat relaxing
    I decided to talk with the Lord;
    I needed to feel His answers-
    for He does answer...when we pray.


    I thought of you too, my friend;
    and told I felt;
    I knew He would understand-
    although, I am not eloquent.

    My Lord takes these heartfelt
    sometimes, accompanied with tears,
    and uses His answers, when needed-
    by those for whom my heart pleads for.

    If you should feel His gentle hug-
    Loving you un-expectedly today,
    that may have been His answer-
    to that heart sent His way

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    True , Our God loves us 70 times more then a mother's love to her child.

    Thats why God forgives the sinner every time when he come backs to the right path and asks for forgiveness.

    May Allah show us the right path.


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