A manager is known by three measures:
# The thickness of the carpet in his office.
# The area of his desk.
# The volume of his car's engine.

Personnel manager: "What made you leave your last job?"
Applicant: "Sickness."
Personnel manager: "And what was the problem?"
Applicant: "My boss was sick of me!"


Personal Manager to New job applicant: "Why did your manager fire you?"

"Well a manager is the man who stands arround and watches others work, right? " the young appicant replied.

"Yes, but why did he fire you?"

"He was jelous of me. A lot of workers thought i was the manager!"

Personnel Manager interviewing prospective employee: "Your application states you were at your last place for 25 years. Then what made you leave the place?"

Hoperful applicant: "I was forced to-they granted me parole!"