1 Father: Well,
son, how are your marks at school?
Son: They are under-water!
Father: What do you mean by under-water?
Son:Below 'C' level!

Once Michael said to Ajit,
'Boss, Mickey wants to read the Ramayana.'
Ajit replied, 'Ok put mickey on a wall.
' Michael asked, 'What for boss?'
Ajit said, 'You fool,after putting Mickey on a wall, he will become Valmiki and can himself read the Ramayana'.

Once upon a time a Pappu was exercising in the park. He saw two person were working. One was digging the ground and the other was filling up the hole. Pappu was very confused by watching this, he went to the men & asked, 'What are you doing?' One of them replied, 'We have a team of three pepole, one of us digs the ground, the other pushes plants into the hole and third one fills-up the hole. The guy who fixes the plants is abesnt.. but why should we stop our work??


Once many people from around the world were invited at Queen Victoria's residence for lunch. Many Indian Queens like Gunjan Tripathi and many of their slaves like adwitya were there. AT the beginning of the lunch it was announced that every thing which is to be asked will be asked in a poetic way. There was a sardar also. A person sitting next to sardar said to his partner "Mr. Tibutboon, please pass the spoon". Now the sardar wanted custard. He thought a lot for a simile for custard but couldn't find one. In the end he said to his partner "you basturd, pass the custard