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Thread: How Can We Help Preserve Our Nature?

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    How Can We Help Preserve Our Nature?

    How Can We Help Preserve Our Nature?

    Itís an easy thing to say that you want to preserve nature. There are commercials, advertisements and all sorts of media vehicles driven toward this exact cause. Despite all the hype and verbiage being thrown around, many of us simply do not know how to take on what seems to be a massive task. Fewer still believe that their efforts will make any real change in the bigger picture.
    Preserving begins in small, local ways and it can be done with the following tips.


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    Step 1

    It donít cost a thing. The easiest way to make an effort towards nature preservation is to become involved with any of the numbers of local or national groups or organizations that work for this cause. It wonít cost you anything but your time. Most of these groups rely heavily on volunteers for marketing, organization and labor efforts.

    Step 2

    If you have a dime and not the time. You can make a donation to the cause, if time is difficult for you to offer. Funds are used for efforts in place that need the help. Make a onetime donation and know that you have done a part to make a difference. Want to do more? You can become e member of the world preservation family via this donation and receive newsletters and magazines keeping you updated on the worldwide efforts to preserve our natural areas.

    Step 3

    Put a little back into the world around you. Promote planting a tree in your community or yard every year, to help the air quality of our environment and to replace one of the thousands lost each year to illegal cutting and harvesting, or development in general. Each country in the world has its own Green Day, spreading out over the calendar year. Find out when your state celebrates Green Day and plant an indigenous tree and watch it grow .

    Step 4

    Find a place where green things go. Contact your local Parks Department and see what efforts theyíre making to preserve the natural areas in your community. See if you have any organizations in your town that help with this effort.

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