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Thread: Who are your real friends?

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    Who are your real friends?

    Who are your real friends?

    Are you the one who will take the risk of drifting away from your family and dear ones, for some friend who is not worth anything? Your family is all that you have. True there are times in our lives when we do not want free advice from the family. That’s at a time when you have freshly entered adulthood and you want to assert yourself. Experienced parental advice could be very annoying. At least for a few years. It’s only later that we realize right from wrong.


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    At a times like this you are tempted to put more faith in friends. But do you know if they are your true friends? There are friends who constantly talk ill about parents yours or theirs. This can cloud your opinion very much. Any one who would want you to drift away from your loved ones is not a friend in the first place.

    I know someone who went out and bought a cell-phone for a friend. After putting up $1000 in bills friend refused to pay. Don’t be fooled by the emotions the friend show.

    Another friend who had the privilege of a car for all the enjoyment and hanging out turned out to be suing the friend after being in a minor collision.

    It’s very important to know your friends and their good intentions. Friends you will find many – family is the only one.

    How to Teach Your Kids About Finding Real Friends

    Talk to your teens about friendship and that:

    1) It Can Take 50 Years

    When I got home from college and realized that I had no ‘friends’ despite my 1300+ friends on internet, my mom told me that she is 30 years-old and it has taken her that many years to find just two best friends–her husband and her one best girlfriend. This reminded me that it takes a lifetime to build friends.

    2) Sometimes One Friend Equal One Thousand internet Friends

    Sometimes I feel bad that I do not have a ‘group’ of girlfriends like I did in High School or college. When I feel lonely I might skim down my friends on internet or look at their recent updates for an hour or two. Afterwards, I still felt lonely. Yet, when I talk to my friend (Margo, whom this post is dedicated to) for even twenty minutes I feel so much more fulfilled. One great friend, is worth way more than any amount of social network friends.

    3) What Does it Mean to Know Someone?

    I have people whom I follow on Twitter and I know what they had for breakfast yesterday and how fast they can run the mile. I do not know their last names, what they are afraid of, or if they are happy right now. I think sometimes teens get confused with the idea of ‘knowing’ someone. Just because you get ten updates from someone you know per day, does not necessarily mean they are a ‘friend.’

    4) Would you have someone to call if…

    A few months ago my grandfather died. I had very few people to call and vent. Thank goodness I do have some true friends, but when I happened to mention it to a friend from internet, it was awkward. She didn’t know what to say because she didn’t really know me other than what I usually eat for breakfast. Ask your teen if they would have someone to call if something sad happened to them.

    5) Know the Difference

    it is OK to have internet friends, in fact they can often provide great procrastination distractions and make you appreciate your real friends. Just make sure they know the difference. When you asked your teen if they would have someone to call if something sad happened to them, also ask them who they wouldn’t call—this can tell you just as much.

    6) Different Types of Friends

    On that same note from above, I have friends I go shopping with, some I talk to about work, some I talk to about my boyfriend, and some I go to the gym with. This is OK! When I speak to teen girls and boys I explain to them that this is ok to have different friends for different interests. It feels like a lot of pressure to have to have one BEST BEST BEST FRIEND FOREVER, not everyone has this all the time.

    7) Friends and Trust

    I spoke above about really knowing if people you are connected with on social networks are your friends. There can be a false sense of security with an internet buddy . I think teens need to be really aware of what they put on internet for net friends to see, they also need to be careful what they tell their ‘friends.’ Again, knowing who they would not call if they were sad are the same people they should not be telling personal information to.

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    nice post.

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    i liked this last image alot... so kooooool....

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