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Thread: RATE ON THIS MODEL............MY FRND'S CONFUSE whether itz

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    RATE ON THIS MODEL............MY FRND'S CONFUSE whether itz

    ..........gud phone to purchase or not

    NOKIA 5500

    Key Features

    * Instant Swap Key for quick one key switching between phone music and sports mode
    * Stainless steel body designed to withstand knocks dust and water splashes
    * 3D sensor for tapping command to play music or voice feedback in sports tracking
    * Text to speech reads out SMS messages and provides voice feedback for sports tracking information
    * Sports tracking monitors your exercise and displays training data speed and distance steps taken and calories burned
    * Excellent sound quality with Nokia Sports Stereo Headset

    Full Specifications

    Operating Frequency

    * EGSM 900 MHz GSM 1800/1900 MHz



    * Volume: 77 cc
    * Weight: 103 g
    * Length: 107 mm
    * Width: 45 mm
    * Thickness (max): 18 mm


    * 262 144 colors TFT 208 x 208 pixels display

    User Interface

    * S60 user interface
    * 4-way scroll key 3 soft keys send end and character keys application and C-key on front
    * Side keys for power push to talk and volume keys Instant Swap key edit key
    * Easy-to-read list and grid menu
    * Enhanced UI with phone music and sports modes accessible via Instant Swap key
    * Tapping command for play music or voice feedback in Sports mode
    * Sports UI with Quick Start Diary and Tests
    * Active standby screen


    * 2.0 megapixel camera with up to 4x digital zoom
    * Advanced camera modes: Still burst video
    * Options for night brightness adjustment image quality and self-timer
    * Image Formats Support: [JPEG GIF EXIF WBMP BMP MBM PNG]
    * Video: Video recording and playback in QCIF format with sound
    * Real video player
    * Video content: H.263 MPEG-4


    * Visual Radio: Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations
    o Find out what song is playing who sings it and other artist information
    o Enter contests and answer surveys vote for your favorite songs
    o Download the songs you buy direct to your phone
    * MP3 player for AMP MP3 AAC eAAC+ WMA formats
    * FM stereo radio
    * RealPlayer Media Player
    o Download and play multimedia files (video and music)
    o Stream media files from compatible media portals
    o Full-screen video playback on the phone to view downloaded streamed or recorded video clips in larger size
    o Played formats (decoding): .3gp and .mp4 file formats MPEG-4 video H.263 video and AMR audio RealMedia (Real Video and Real Audio) MP3 and AAC eAAC+ AAC+ WMA

    Memory Functions

    * 10 MB built-in memory with 512 MB* MicroSD card
    * Expandable memory type: MicroSD card up to 1 GB

    *Please note that size of MicroSD card may vary from country to country.


    * Message reader application – text to speech mean you can hear your SMS messages read to you
    * Multimedia messaging: MMS for creating receiving editing and sending videos and pictures with AMR voice clips
    * Email: Supports SMTP POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Support for attachments (view .pdf files)
    * Presence-enhanced contacts: Check the status of your friends before you call them
    * Xpress Audio messaging: Record your own voice message and send to compatible devices


    * Snakes Groovy Labyrinth

    Java™ Applications

    * Java™ MIDP 2.0

    Ringing Tones

    * MP3 ring tones
    * Supported file formats: MP3 AMR True Tones AAC eAAC+ 64-chord/voice polyphonic MIDI ringing tones


    * Pop-Port™ interface to USB
    * USB 2.0 full speed with mass storage profile
    * Bluetooth v2.0+EDR
    * Infrared (IR)
    * Remote over-the-air (OTA) synchronization with SyncML
    * Local synchronization with PC using PC Suite


    * xHTML browsing over TCP/IP
    * Nokia Minimap with Page Overview technology allowing zooming text search visual history with shortcuts keys
    * Full OMA Digital Rights Management for content protection - including forward lock for content protection combined delivery separate delivery and superdistribution
    * OMA Digital DRM 1.0 - including forward lock for content protection combined delivery separate delivery and superdistribution
    * WAP 2.0 xHTML browsing over TCP/IP
    * WAP/OMA and W3C standards support: WAP 2.0 XHTML XHTML MP HTML 4.01 CSS ECMAScript and JavaScript
    * Full Web compatibility with support for popular markup languages scripting languages and style sheets
    * Support for forms tables frames and image maps
    * Support for mobile extensions such as cHTML and i-modeHTML
    * File upload over HTTP using standard HTML forms
    * Page layout and in-page navigation optimized for content type
    * Search and find capabilities
    * Adaptive history list
    * Save Page for off-line viewing and archiving
    * Integration with telephony (dial via a link on the page) contacts (save phone # or email address) and image galleries (view/save images)
    * Bookmarks database
    * Web Feeds (RSS)
    * Content download including background downloading with pause and resume
    * Content streaming support (3GPP video and supported audio formats)

    Data Transfer

    * EDGE* (EGPRS): Class 10
    * GPRS: Class 10

    *Please note that these services require network support.

    Call Management

    * Support for multiple phone and email details per contact
    * Support thumbnail pictures and groups
    * Speed dialing
    * Logs: Keeps lists of your dialed received and missed calls
    * Automatic redial
    * Automatic answer (works with compatible headset or car kit only)
    * Call waiting call hold call divert call timer
    * Closed User Group
    * Fixed Dialing Number allows calls only to predefined numbers
    * Any key answer
    * Conference call (up to 5 participants)

    Push to talk over Cellular (PoC)*

    * Push to talk over cellular network via dedicated key
    * Real-time one-to-one and one to-many voice communication service. Just select the person or group to talk to and press the Push to talk key (PTT key) to communicate
    * Send invites through SMS and IrDA
    * Connect to multiple groups simultaneously
    * Create groups on the phone menu; invite others to join by SMS
    * Direct access - Push to talk speech is connected without the recipient(s) answering and is typically heard through the phone s built-in loudspeaker
    * Privacy and control - you can configure your own service settings for convenient use

    *Please note that this service is operator dependent

    Digital Services

    * Java™ and Symbian applications available from Nokia Software Market
    * Over-the-air (OTA) downloading: graphics games ringing tones themes wallpapers operator logos business cards settings
    * Video streaming services
    * Exclusive UI themes

    Voice Features

    * Enhanced Voice dialing
    * Voice commands
    * Voice recorder
    * Integrated handsfree speaker
    * SIND (Speaker Independent Number Dialing)
    * Text to Speech (Message reader voice feedback in sport

    *Available languages available from Nokia support pages

    Personal Information Management (PIM)

    * Calculator
    * Phonebook
    * Calendar
    * Notepad
    * World clock
    * Converter
    * File manager
    * Remote synchronization
    * Active idle
    * Messaging
    * Browsing
    * Platform security:
    o Device integrity (no tampering of binaries and device settings)
    o End-user privacy (protected access to contacts calendar messages)
    o Controlling the access to sensitive operations or APIs such as protecting network connections)

    Other Features

    * Sports tracking - Quick start tracking program Sports Diary and Tests
    * Quick start - Stopwatch steps calculator speed and distance calories burned for walking and running
    * Tapping command or timed voice feedback of tracking data - enables real time tracking information without watching display
    * Diary - Exercise records and planning. Fitness coach program
    * Fitness Tests - Coopers test Biking test
    * Internal antenna
    * Personal shortcuts
    * Customizable profiles
    * Flashlight
    * Changeable color themes user defined themes
    * Offline mode: All transmission-related activities turned off
    * Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1 Viewer & Browser Plug-in

    Sales Package Contents

    * Nokia 5500 Sport phone
    * Nokia Battery BL-5B 860 mAh Li-Ion
    * Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
    * Nokia Sport Stereo Headset HS-29
    * Nokia 512 MB* MicroSD card
    * CD-ROM containing PC Suite Nokia Sport Manager Software
    * User Guide
    * CA-53 Connectivity Cable
    * CP-135 Wrist strap
    * CR-64 Carrying Holder and Clip

    *Please note that size of MicroSD card may vary from country to country.

    Power Management

    Battery *Battery BL-5B 860 mAh
    Talk time*Up to 2 hrs - 4 hrs
    Standby time*Up to 150 hrs – 240 hrs


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    itz price is Rs 14,000

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    the phone looks cool.
    but the only thing i don't like in nokia is their sound.

    in rest department nokia is the best....

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    ya i agree.
    but sony ericson mobiles have the best sound...

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    well everyone has their own opinion.
    so does u and so do i.

    according to me in sound department nothing can beat SONY ERICSON.

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