Few days back when Pakistan cricket team won twenty,20 world cup it was celebrated as great victory while the players were declared such a great heroes that even functions were arranged in their honors by president and Prime Minster.


Now , the same very heroes could not achieve an easy target of 168 runs against the same Sri lanka team whom they had defeated in twenty ,20 world cup match few days back What these heroes be called now ???? Secondly when on win they are granted a huge amount out of the national exchequer better they also be fined for a badly defeat ? Nevertheless if they could not be fined for loosing ,would the cricketers be having the moral courage to donate the amounts, given to them by Pm and President, to the IDPs children of Swat ? Doing so would help them to make them respectable and real heroes in spite of their tarnished image of cricket heroes hip after the defeat in test match at Sri Lanka. A. J . Khattak