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Thread: Rash behaviors of North Korea are corssing the Red-Line.....

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    Rash behaviors of North Korea are corssing the Red-Line.....

    Recently the North Korean freighter GangNam, suspected of carrying illicit cargo, was under fire from international society for its reckless movements.

    North Korea has breached tens of agreements and treaties to fulfill its own goals and desires, while enraging its counterparts. Committing Nuclear tests. Launching ICBMs. These rash behaviors are certainly crossing the line.

    North Korea this year alone spent 700 million dollars on launching missiles and committing Nuclear tests. If North Korea saved this money for buying foods, it could have bought 2 million tons of food. What a waste of money!


    North Korea is determined to walk its own path to destruction and despair. It can not survive unless they start negotiating with the international society. The time has come for North Korea to choose its path wisely.

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    Well my friend i don't agree with you, here's a suggestion for you dont talk abt politics unless you know the history of that issue. 2nd never listen to mainstreem media i.e BBC, CNN,Fox etc etc.
    every nation has right to protect itself against dangers. Where is usama bin ladin, where are wepons of mass distruction in iraq all lies. thats y iran and korea are preparing them selves againt any invesion from America nad its allies. and they are doing a great job.

    PS: try reading or getting some knowledge from history (only one country has used and NUKe and thats america.

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