When My Life Has Reached Its
Very End And I Take That Final
I Want To Know I've Left Behind,
Some Good Before My Death.

I Hope That In My Final Hour
In All Honesty I Can Say
That Somewhere In My Lifetime
I Have Brightened Someone's Day.

That Maybe I Have Brough A Smile
To Someone Else's Face
And Made One Moment A '
Little Sweeter
While They Dwelled Here In This Place.

God , Please Be My Reminder
And Whisper Softly In My Ear
To Be A Giver , Not A Taker
In The Years I Have Left Here.

Give To Me The Strength I Need
Open Up My Mind And My
That I Might Show Sincere Compassion
And Love To Others Before I Go.

For If Not A Heart Be Touched
By Me
And Not A Smile Was Left Behind
Then The Life That I am Blessed With
Will Have Been A Waste Of Time.

With All My Heart I Truly Hope
To Leave Something Here On Earth
That Touched Another, Made Them
And Gave To My Life... Worth