How To Sleep in Class

This all depends on you are positioned compared to your teacher, so I?ll go through multiple positions. First make sure that your teacher is doing a lecture or something that takes no involvement from yourself.

Back of the room against a wall:
1. Prop yourself up against the wall.
2. Get in a comfortable, yet steady position.
3. Direct your head towards the teacher's position or the position where the teacher will be speaking.
4. Use your hand to not only cover your eyes, but to keep your head from falling down.
5. If you are not using your other hand, place a pencil in it, then place it over a piece of paper that is already written on.
7. Half close your eyes to look awake if you have the skill of sleeping with your eyes open.
8. Sleep.

In the middle of a row
1. Direct yourself towards the teacher like in steps 1 and 4 earlier.
2. Lean way back in your seat to ensure that you will not fall over.
3. Prop your chin on your chest in order to look like you are paying attention to the lecture.
4. Cross your arms, it helps to keep you back in your seat and from bobbing.
5. Place a piece of written on paper in front of you like in step 6 from above.
6. Half close your eyes to look awake if you can, as in step 7 from above.
7. Sleep Front of the row:
1. Follow steps 1 and 4 from above and face the teacher.
2. Sit up straight in your desk.
3. Slightly lean forward and look down towards the desk.
4. Brace your head with one or both hands making sure to cover your eyes.
5. Place a piece of paper on your desk like step 6 from above.
6. Sleep.