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Thread: Pak Army more professional than India’s

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    Pak Army more professional than India’s

    The Pakistan Army is more professional and advanced in its capabilities and spirit to fight despite less salaries, as compared to the armed forces of other neighbouring countries. President Asif Zardari is the second head of the state after Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who raised salaries of the armed forces by 100 percent.

    President Zardari took the decision with the consultation of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani after receiving summary from Defence Minister Ch Ahmad Mukhtar seeking increase in the salaries.


    The president was taken aback after he knew that a lieutenant in the Indian Army is getting Rs 27000 basic salary, while the same officer in the Pakistan Army is receiving Rs 14936 as basic pay.

    Similarly, the salaries of captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier, major general and lieutenant general of the Indian and the Sri Lankan armies are more than that of the Pakistan Army. Among the non-junior commissioned officers, Sri Lanka comes first, India second and Pakistan on third, while among commissioned officers, India comes first, Sri Lanka second and Pakistan on third.

    However, the salaries of the lieutenant colonel and the colonel of the Pakistan Army are same. According to official document available with this news service, the basic salary of the army soldier is Rs 4579, while that of the Indian and the Sri Lankan are Rs 9200 and Rs 14720 respectively. The naik in the army is getting Rs 4756 as compared to Indian and Sri Lankan, who are receiving Rs 9600 and Rs 15170 respectively.

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    khair us ney salaries kis liye increase ki sari duniya janti hai.....

    nyways...jiyo pak army... mager apni awam ko b jeeney do...

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    oh thats great deal!...its depends on how they(ministries or govt) spend to their country!

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    wo to waqt hi batayega....
    kisme kitna hai zor......

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    ya thats true. but it is a fact that the army staff pays for the lower level staff were very very low.

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