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Thread: Top10 best rated mobile phones

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    Top10 best rated mobile phones

    Nokia N73
    11 Aug The hotly anticipated Nokia N73 camera phone has nearly every bell and whistle under the sun; we've put the 3.2-Megapixel wunderkind through its paces

    Palm Treo 700p
    24 May The 700p brings speedy 3G data access to the Palm OS line of Treos, along with wireless modem capabilities, Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and even live TV. Ben Patterson gives this long-anticipated smartphone the once-over.

    Sony Ericsson K800i
    3 Jul We get up close and personal with the hottest camera phone on the block; Sony Ericsson's K800i boasts 3 Megapixels, an Xenon flash and even a burst mode. Does it get any better than this?

    Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
    15 Aug Finally - a small stereo Bluetooth headset that won't make you look like you're attending a science fiction convention. We review Sony Ericsson's petite and powerful HBH-DS970


    Nokia N95
    12 Apr The phone that can do everything comes to the U.S., with GPS navigation, a 5-megapixel camera and a unique dual-slide design. Is it the best phone we've seen?

    Nokia N93
    10 Aug It shoots 3.2-Megapixel stills, records hi-def video, views either on TVs and a whole lot more; we've reviewed the hotly anticipated Nokia N93 camera phone.

    Sony Ericsson W880i
    7 Mar The long-rumored, ultra-thin W880i comes packed with a great music player and stereo Bluetooth. Will importers miss the lack of 3G networking?

    Palm Treo 700w
    11 Jan Palm and Windows Mobile? Say it ain't so! The EV-DO-equipped Treo 700w politely disagrees, and Larry Garfield takes a look and finds there are benefits to playing both sides

    Nokia N91
    22 Jun Sporting a massive 4 GB of storage, support for MP3 and WMA files and a host of other features, the N91 is Nokia's first proper music phone; Jørgen Sundgot takes it for a spin in this picture review.

    Palm Treo 700wx
    15 Sep Sprint finally gets its own version of the Windows Mobile-powered Treo. Does the 700wx measure up to Verizon Wireless' 700w -- or to the Palm OS-based 700p, for that matter? Philip Berne delivers his verdict

    Samsung SCH-A990
    14 Jul One of the first 3.2-megapixel cameraphones to arrive in the U.S., Samsung's 3G SCH-A990 boasts a swiveling display, Bluetooth, V Cast support, and more. Do its snapshots measure up?

    Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
    30 Oct With stereo Bluetooth, dedicated music buttons and a sporty design, the Nokia 5300 boldly declares itself a music phone. Will it replace your MP3 player as well as your phone?

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    nice collection

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    The mobile phones listed were surely the best ones among the others and still considered to be a good one but the place of the best ones have been replaced with some of the latest one. This is a normal routine and will keep on changing with respect to time as the technology that exists today will make way for the newer and better technology tomorrow.

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