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Thread: I loved loving you, my friend.

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    I loved loving you, my friend.

    You were always so perfect to me,
    so soft and gentle,
    cherishing you instantly,
    without a second glance,
    I never distrusted those eyes,
    that lied to me continuously,
    I promised you I'd always try,
    but slowly you were losing me.

    I would always have given you anything,
    just to keep your interest,
    stopping my heart from remembering,
    all the pain you caused,
    I never pulled away from that kiss,
    that held a painful hint of truth,
    Maybe you'd be too hard to miss,
    so I said I was still in love with you.


    I wanted more than just the infatuation,
    that you found in me.
    You said love was only a distraction,
    that you really didn't need,
    so I cried myself to sleep,
    knowing the times we shared must end.
    You couldn't let emotion run deep,
    you said you made love to me, as a friend.

    But eventually, my love,
    friendships fade, too,
    and I can't make love and walk away,
    pretending I don't love you.
    Never once did I push you away,
    but everything comes to end,
    so all that's left to say,
    is goodbye,

    I loved loving you, my friend.

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    I found a wonderful friend
    The day that I met you
    We are so alike in our ways
    No wonder our friendship grew.

    I love your sense of humor,
    Your natural witty style,
    Just one e-mail from you
    My face wears a happy smile.

    It's as if I've always known you
    Though we're an ocean apart,
    But a friendship that is fated
    Is linked from heart to heart.

    Maybe when the world began
    God created faraway friends,
    Then he invented the Internet
    So each friendship would never end

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