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Thread: Keep the end in mind.

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    Keep the end in mind.

    what ever you do in your life.....

    keep its end in mind.

    just imagine.

    close your eyes.

    see your friends sad faces

    they are going to a grave yard

    they are walking quietly

    they keep walking for half an hour.

    they reach at a point.

    a dead body was placed on earth.

    now they come one by one

    the see the face of dead body

    you too see the face of the dead body.

    and you are amazed to see that the person who is dead

    IS YOU.

    You are dead

    your neigbour come on stage

    and talk about your behaviour

    you close friend come to stage

    and speak about his experience with you.

    your relatives

    they all come one by one

    and speak about your personality.

    every one come one by one

    just imagine

    are you ready for this day?

    suppose if you die today.............................

    what your neighbor will speak about you???

    your friend?

    your relatives?

    when your deal with some one , when you speak with some one , do you keep this end in mind???

    yesterday , my neighbor , mr waseem was murdered in a robbery.(May His soul rest in peace.) we are all sad. and i am thinking , that no body knows , that when i will be dead.


    and i know i have not excellent relationship with all people around me.

    but every passing second is chance for me

    to make a better relationship

    a better decision

    to make a good end , for the story of my life.

    May Allah show us the Right Path

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