A woman says her wedding had to be rescheduled when Pittsburgh was named as the site for an upcoming G20 summit.


Rhianna Reichard said when she and her fiancee, Phil McMullen, learned guests coming to their Sept. 25 wedding at Pittsburgh's Sheraton Station Square would have to undergo background checks because of the summit, they rescheduled the event, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Thursday.

"This was a big day for us," said Reichard, whose guests would also have faced security checkpoints had the wedding's original date been used. "All my family's from out of town. They're going to be fighting the traffic. They would have been subject to background checks. It was so ridiculous. That's the last thing you want to hear."

But moving the wedding to Aug. 21 to avoid the Sept. 24 and 25 G20 summit of top world leaders meant contacting guests, along with rescheduling the couple's honeymoon to Ireland.

"Some days," McMullen told the Post-Gazette, "we just joke around and say we should have gone to Vegas."