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Thread: Anu Diiiii aap kahan hain..where are you????

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    Anu Diiiii aap kahan hain..where are you????

    Namaste Anu Diiii.....

    hmm since ive been back aap se mili nahin..i haven't said hello to you..haven't met you yet.........wondering ke aap kahan hain hunniiiii.........
    Just Wanted to Say Hello to My Pari Di and say....

    ThankYou for Your Kindness....

    ThankYou for Your Time.....

    ThankYou for Being Warm.....

    ThankYou for Your Prayers.....

    ThankYou for Being Special......

    and always remember that jab bhi koi bhi..exams are coming na....while your going to be sitting right besides you with my hands joint together and my head tilted down...aap k saath saath..praying with you too......

    Thinking of You and Miss You being around Hunnii.....

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    anu di no reply from you...aap kahan hain hunni???...missing you ..havent seen you around....wouldve really been lovely to see you and speak to you again..'coz was really lovely meeting a sweet person like you.......
    acha okay hunni take lots of care of yourself..aap apna khyaal rakhiyega pari di....

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