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    Smile SMS Collection

    Smile SMS Collection

    Do you know your 1 smile can make 100 peoples die, so u can decrease this over population, so baby, please keep on smiling.

    I think U r very careless!!!U come & leave things behind!!!! See now what u have left??U just came in my mind

    Smile in pleasure & in pain, Smile when trouble pours like a rain, Smile when some1 hurts u, Smile bcoz some1 still wants 2 c u SMILING !!

    Smile a while,
    & when U smile,
    smile another smile
    & soon there will b miles
    & miles of smile
    bcoz you smiled .
    i wish your day is full of SMILE

    sending u 1000 smiles.
    take one 4 now and remaining 999 under u,r pillow.
    pick out 1 every time u think of me,
    because i want 2 see u smiling alwaye.

    Every little smile can touch somebodys Heart.

    SmS dosnt mean "SHORT msgin SERVICE" It also means Share My Sweetness Search My Soul Seek My Sweetheart Succeed My Smarty See ME Smiling So Keep SMSING.

    Without u'r SMS days are like Moanday tearsday wasteday thirstday frightday shatterday sadday So SMS me everday evertime. Smile please

    I think u r very careless! U come & leave things behind! See now what u have left! U just came in my mind & left a SMILE on MY face....

    Girls misuse it! models sell it! photograhers cage it!doctors advice it!death freezes it! artists create it! tats SMILE! KEEP SMILING!!

    The world does not needs more mountains to climb, more seas to cross more stars to shine, What the world needs is More of u and ur smiles.

    SMILE: S: Sets u free, M: Makes u special, I: Increases ur face value, L: Lifts up ur spirits, E: Erases all ur tensions, So, please keep smiling.

    Laugh away those blues…! Humour has 2 bcome an integral part of every individual’s life, 4 clinical depressions 2 b kept at bay. After all laughter is the best medicine.

    ) Big smile simple smile :> happy smile :,) dimpled smile :$ smiley smile toothy smile winky smile Select any but KEEP SMILING

    3 people were asking me ur details 2day.I gave them ur addres n cell no. they'll b visiting u soon.Their names r"SMILE""JOY""HAPINES"

    moning r lik a penting
    u need a litle smile 2 brihten it&
    a mseg from some1
    who cares U &
    2color ur day

    sending u 1000 smiles take 1
    4now &keep remening 999 undr ur pillow pick out 1evry time bcz i want to Cu smiling always.

    keep smiling
    b'cos of some of ur frend live
    only 2 see ur smile
    if u want 2 somone live
    so plz keep smiling

    Smile is a language of love,
    smile is a source to win heart,
    smile is a name of lovely mood,
    smile create greatness in personality
    so keep smiling

    Kagaz pe hamne jindagi likh di,
    Ashko se sinch kar har khushi likh di,
    dard ko jab hamne ubhara labzo pe,
    to logo ne kaha Wah Kya Gazal likh di....

    Somewhere, some dreams of your smile & finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when your lonely, remember its true that some1, somewhere, is thinking of u.

    Someone somewhere dreams of your smile...and while thinking of you says life is worthwhile. So whenever you're lonely...remember its true....someone somewhere is thinking of you

    I want to send to some thing special to make you smile but post man said I must get out of the post box

    sending you 1000 smiles take one 4 now and keep remaining 999 under ur pillow,pick out 1 every time bcz i want to see you smiling always.

    Roses of red grow in my heart
    and they will never wither... 'Cause they
    bloom every time I see your smile,

    Smile u make and Hello say to wanted just I that out find u when irritating very it find will you". CONFUSED?
    Read it backwards.

    Only eyes speaks truth,Neither d mirror nor the lips,d person who loves u can c pain in ur eyes While every1 else still believes in ur smile..

    Please come out of the room!
    the sun can rise,
    flowers can blossom,
    birds can sing
    bcoz all are waiting
    to see

    A smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated. So heres a big smile just for you.

    Live with no excuses & luv with no regrets. When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show that you hav thousand reasons to SMILE.

    "SMILE:- ""S""et you free, ""M""akes you Special, ""I""ncreases your face Value, ""L""ifts up your Sprits, ""E""rases all your Tensions!! So keep it all"

    Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday's sorrows, but it empties today's strength...So Don't Worry, Stay Happy.. Keep smiling and hug life

    If U cry At A TROUBLE,It grows DOUBLE,n If U Laugh At A TROUBLE, It Disappears Like A BUBBLE.SO always Face All Your Problems With a SMILE.

    Life is a book we all read,Love is a blessing we all need.Be happy&always wear a smile,remember in this world we are just 4 a while.So enjoy every moment

    Which is the longest word in English...?

    because there is a 'mile' gap between S & S. So keep smiling forever.

    smile in ease
    smile in pain
    smile when trouble
    pore like rain
    smile whn someone hert ur fellings
    smiles you know are very hailng

    My Life
    My Joy
    My Plisur
    My Relif
    My Honor
    My Pride
    Ur 1 SMILE Ab Socho apne

    Enter D name
    Who U want 2 kill

    What me
    I m not
    I m already
    Ur SMILE

    A Smile Costs Less Than Electricity, But Give More Light. So Always Smile and Prove that YOu Are Greater Than ...


    S: Sets u free,
    M: Makes u special,
    I: Increases ur face value,
    L: Lifts up ur spirits,
    E: Erases all ur tensions,
    So, please keep smiling.

    If you are stressed you'll get pimples... if you cry you'll get wrinkles... Then why don't you smile & get dimples? Keep smiling.

    Smile is a language of luv, Smile is a source to win hearts...Smile is a name of livelihood & Smile creates greatness in personality...So Keep smiling

    True fr'ship never fades with time,it becums more tasteful as old wine; only frndz can understand UNSAID WORDS and convert rolling tears into smiles.

    Today is MCPS DAY..
    MCPS bole toh-


    i've done my part, now u should send it to all ur cute friends n make them SMILE.g.m

    Night has ended for another day,
    morning has come in a special way.
    May u smile like the sunny rays
    and leave your worries at the blue blue bay..

    Gaur farmaiyega...


    jo muje sms kare uske inbox me msgs JAMAA hojaye

    aur jo na kare uska mobile FANAA hojaye..
    Subhaaaan allaah..
    Subhaaaan allaah..

    Nakhra tuhada tauba-2, Ajeeb tuhada Style hai, Message Kadi bhejna nahi, kende Ne Saade kol mobile hai!........

    Bhoolna tumhe na assan hoga. Jo bhule tumhe vo nadan hoga aap to baste ho rooh mein hamari. aap humein na bhulein ye aap ka ehsaan hoga.

    Smile in pleasure,smile in pain,smile in troubles pours like a rain,smile wen someone hurts u.Smile b'coz someone still love 2 c u smiling...











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