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Thread: How to Buy Men's Cologne?

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    How to Buy Men's Cologne?

    How to Buy Men's Cologne?

    You're thinking of buying cologne for men, but you wonder which cologne he will like and which one would be the best to buy. Then, when you go to the department store to choose one, you see the huge selection of colognes and you are even more lost. OK, take a deep breath and relax. You can easily learn how to select men's colognes for every man on your shopping list.

    Decide how much you are willing to spend. Yes, money does matter because colognes vary widely in price. If you know what you can spend it will make your shopping easier. But do remember that you get what you pay for: Colognes that cost more last longer and wear longer than less expensive options.
    Step 2

    Think about the taste and personality of the man you're buying for. For instance, is he an outdoorsy type? Then he might prefer colognes that have a woodsy appeal to them. It may even help to write down some of his personality traits: outdoorsy, trendy (i.e. first to try new products or a new style of clothes), man-about-town (dates a lot, parties a lot, socializes a lot). Take this list with you when you go shopping and show it to a sales clerk who can help guide you narrow down your selection to a few options that would fit his personality.

    Check out his medicine cabinet. If you have no idea what cologne to buy him and you know he is picky, check out his medicine cabinet to see what he currently owns. Then you can at least purchase a cologne of the same brand. If you don't feel comfortable secretly rummaging through his things, just go ahead ask him what brand he uses.

    Smell every possible product choice before purchasing. Don't buy on mere description alone; make sure there is a sample and take your time sniffing. Does it smell like something the man would like? And equally important, does it smell like something you would like? Most men are not too picky. If you like it, chances are, he will.

    Remember the age of the man. Most older men still prefer the traditional colognes that they have been wearing for years. A younger man might like experimenting with newer colognes that have more exotic and sensual scents.

    Consider a package of products. Many colognes are sold together with matching aftershaves, deodorants and even shampoos. If you can find and afford the cologne of your choice in a package like this, it's certainly a bonus because, not only do the products coordinate together, but they are products any man needs anyway.

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    Top ten men's colognes for 2009

    Every year, the USA Fragrance Foundation narrows down the top ten fragrances for men and women. The finalists for 2009 will be chosen in May. Though there will likely be some new comers to the race this year, we can take a look at last year's finalists, assuming these fabulous fragrances will place again this year. There are several categories to take into consideration

    These categories include Men's Luxe, Men's Nouveau Niche, Men's Popular Appeal, and Men's Private Label.

    In the first category, Men's Luxe, you will recognize some popular names that keep coming back year after year. Calvin Klein, Diesel, and Dolce & Gabbana rarely get it wrong. These companies have serious staying power in the fragrance industry and beyond. In 2008, there were twelve finalists in the Men's Luxe category due to ties. In order, the finalists were:

    Attitude by Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Parfums

    Burberry Summer for Men P&G Prestige Products, Inc.

    Calvin Klein MAN Coty Prestige

    Chrome Legend by Azzaro Clarins Fragrance Group

    Diesel Fuel for Life Men L'Oral Designer Fragrances

    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme P&G Prestige Products, Inc.

    Fleur du Male Jean Paul Gaultier Beaut Prestige International

    "For Him" Narciso Rodriguez Beaut Prestige International

    Guess Suede Parlux Fragrances, Inc.

    Polo Explorer Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Fragrances

    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts Him Gemini Cosmetics

    Usher He Liz Claiborne Cosmetics

    In the Men's Nouveau Niche category, we have ten wonderful fragrances from Armani to Bond. In order for 2008 the finalists were:

    Armani Priv Vetiver Babylone Giorgio Armani Beauty

    Bond No. 9 New York Andy Warhol Silver Factory (unisex) Bond No. 9 New York

    Bond No. 9 New York Saks Fifth Avenue for Him Bond No. 9 New York

    Courvoisier L'Edition Imperiale Kraft International Marketing, Inc.

    Cravache Robert Piguet Fashion Fragrances & Cosmetics, Ltd.

    Givenchy Classic Fragrances Parfums Givenchy

    Kiton Black Eau de Toilette Spray Aramis & Designer Fragrances

    L'Oeuvre Noire by Kilian By Kilian

    Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford Beauty

    West Indian Lime Crabtree & Evelyn

    For the Men's Popular Appeal category, there were five finalists. It is easy to see by the names of these fragrances why they placed in this category. Don't call me sexist for assuming men are attracted to sex and cars, the proof is in the statistics. On that note, the five finalists in order were:

    Bijan Nude Men Five Star Fragrance Company

    Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas Puig Beauty USA

    Intimately Beckham Men Coty Inc.

    Mustang Cologne Spray Aramis and Designer Fragrances

    Samba Sexy Man Perfumer's Workshop International, Ltd.

    Last we have the Men's Private Label finalists. In this category, our favorite clothing brands have stepped up their game and placed with the big boys of fragrance. Gap and Banana Republic both placed in this category. The five finalists were:

    Banana Republic Cordovan Inter Parfums USA

    C.O. Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Blue Bath & Body Works

    Derek Jeter Driven Black Avon Products, Inc.

    G7 Gapmen Daily Grooming Spiked Inter Parfums USA

    Gap Individuals The Original (unisex) Inter Parfums USA

    We will just have to wait and see whether these power brands can stand strong in 2009. Anyone shopping for a men's fragrance will hit a home run with any of the above nominated scents. Keep in mind that personal preference takes more into account than just sales and awards. Every scent reacts differently to your own body chemistry. Women may want to take their men with them when choosing a cologne rather than surprising him with a scent that doesn't quite work for him.

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