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Thread: [[M]] Clerk Gives Robber $40 From Own Pocket For Insulin

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    [[M]] Clerk Gives Robber $40 From Own Pocket For Insulin

    Clerk Gives Robber $40 From Own Pocket For Insulin

    A convenience store clerk wouldn't open the register for a robber but gave the man $40 from his own pocket after the robber told him he needed the money for insulin. Police were called Monday night to the E-Z Mart, where the clerk explained that a man he didn't know entered the store and lifted his shirt to display a pistol tucked in his waistband.

    The clerk said the man told him, "I hate to do this," and told him he needed $40 from the register.

    The clerk said money in the register wasn't his to give. It was then the robber said the money was for insulin. The robber accepted the money from the clerk's wallet, thanked him and shook his hand.

    Police are searching for the robber.


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