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Thread: [[M]] NY Man Arrested Buying Drugs With Slaughtered Pig

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    [[M]] NY Man Arrested Buying Drugs With Slaughtered Pig

    NY Man Arrested Buying Drugs With Slaughtered Pig

    It was a simpler sort of drug trade.

    Syracuse police say a 45-year-old man offered a slaughtered pig as partial payment for a bag of crack cocaine.


    They say two men were spotted making the deal on a street corner just before 8 p.m. Thursday.

    Angelo Colon of Fulton was arrested on a misdemeanor drug possession charge and 42-year-old Omar Veliz faces a felony drug sale charge.

    Police say Colon paid half a pig and $10 for a $50 bag of crack. Veliz told police the pig was for a celebration for a relative being released from jail.

    While officers were arresting the suspects, someone took the pig.

    Police don't know if the men have lawyers.

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    hehe..this is a bit funny

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