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Thread: I Know Deep In My Heart

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    I Know Deep In My Heart

    I Know Deep In My Heart

    I know deep in my heart
    I will be lost without your love
    For I know how your love
    Keep my heart beat sway with gladness

    I know you have love me this much
    For I can see your face vividly in my mind
    Every day as I lay down on my bed
    Even upon awakening, you face is there

    I know that our hearts beat as one
    Even without seeing each other
    They can feel, and see what is inside
    It’s the love for each other since the day we meet….

    I am thankful that you are my love
    I choose you just for me,
    And be together, forever as the days will pass
    Because nothing can change our love for each other ‘till the last days of our lives.

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    very nice share...........

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    again i wanna know whats your side

    how u felt it,

    the poem

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