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    "Tyre Type" defines the proper use of the tyre. P means this is a passenger car tyre. If the tyre had an LT then the tyre would be for a light truck.

    "Tyre Width" is the width of the tyre measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. This tyre is 215 millimeters.

    "Aspect Ratio" is the the ratio of the height of the tyre's cross-section to its width. 65 means that the height is equal to 65% of the tyre's width.

    "Construction" tells you how the tyre was put together. The "R" stands for radial, which means that the body ply cords, which are layers of fabric that make up the body of the tyre, run radially across the tyre from bead to bead. A "B" indicates the tyre is of bias construction, meaning that the body ply cords run diagonally across the tyre from bead to bead, with the ply layers alternating in direction to reinforce one another.

    "Wheel Diameter" is the width of the wheel from one end to the other. The diameter of this wheel is 15 inches.

    "Load Index" is a number corresponds to the maximum load in kilograms that a tyre can support when properly inflated. You will also find the maximum load in pounds and in kilograms molded elsewhere on the tyre sidewall.

    "Speed Rating" is a number that corresponds to the maximum service speed for a tyre. "H" means that the tyre has a maximum service speed of 210 km/h. Please note that this rating relates only to tyre speed capability, and is NOT a recommendation to exceed legally posted speed limits; always drive within the legal speed limits.


    "DOT" means the tyre is compliant with all applicable safety standards established by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Adjacent to this is a tyre identification or serial number; a combination of numbers and letters with up to 12 digits.

    "UTQG" stands for Uniform Tyre Quality Grading, a quality rating system developed by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

    Tire Grades: Uniform Tyre Quality Grading System or UTQG
    Except for snow tyres, the DOT requires the manufacturers to grade passenger car tyres based on three performance factors: tread wear, traction, and temperature resistance. The UTQG rating of each Goodyear passenger car and light truck tyre is listed in the Car/Light Truck Tyre Catalog.

    Tread Wear
    More Than 100 - Better
    100 - Baseline
    Less Than 100 - Poorer
    The tread wear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tyre when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test track. A tyre graded 200 would wear twice as long on the government test track as one graded 100. Your actual tyre mileage depends upon the conditions of their use and may vary due to driving habits, service practices, differences in road characteristics and climate. Note: Tread wear grades are valid only for comparisons within a manufacturer's product line . They are not valid for comparisons between manufacturers.

    A - Best
    B - Intermediate
    C - Acceptable
    Traction grades represent the tyre's ability to stop on wet pavement as measured under controlled conditions on specified government test surfaces of asphalt and concrete. The Traction grade is based upon "straight ahead" braking tests; it does not indicate cornering ability.

    A - Best.
    B - Intermediate
    C - Acceptable
    The temperature grades represent the tyre's resistance to the generation of heat when tested under controlled conditions on a specified indoor laboratory test wheel. Sustained high temperatures can cause the materials of the tyre to degenerate and thus reduce tyre life. Excessive temperatures can lead to tyre failure.

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