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Thread: Wash away Your Fears and Anxiety

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    Wash away Your Fears and Anxiety

    There are many reasons and factors which create fears and provoke anxiety in our life. We witness a major change on any life's levels: weather, nature, society, behavior, and mostly: our own effort to adjust and to find our exact place in this new period. I want to represent my own research and tactics which helped me to start living calmer and more peaceful life.


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    Things You'll Need:

    * Flexibility
    * Faith


    If you don't sleep well, stand-up and start some nice and relaxing music. Think about your recent nice memories. If you can't come up with something like this, start thinking about your future plan to do something nice and pleasant for yourself.

    Breathe, inhale and exhale, thinking about the moments you have felt relaxed and happy. Think about people you love and they love you.

    Try to avoid your daily routine with something new and exciting, that you wanted to do, but you didn't find time or opportunity to do it. It might be visiting some new place or finding some new activity, or meeting old friends you wanted to see.

    Always socialize with people as much as possible, go to public places, search for any opportunity to spend more time outside between people than watching TV or spending time alone.
    Step 5

    Use your time to relax, listening to relaxing music, meditate, learn to breathe for relaxation.

    If you live alone, reconsider a change in your life. Sometimes our anxiety is a warning sign to change our lifestyle. Think what can you do to live with someone. Don't undersestimante your family. Visit your parents more often.

    Write down some of your thoughts about your anxiety and fear. Destroy the paper or throw it away.

    Do something challenging you have always want to try like go to a far distance travel, jumping with parachute, travel by sea or with a boat.

    There is one great power that makes this world goes on. We can not do anything to prevent the future. Live now, live happily: this is the only thing you have: the present. Today. Nobody knows tomorrow. We don't have to worry about it. Leave this duty to God. Pray to God. Thank Him that you are healthy and safe today.

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