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Thread: [[M]][Humor] Beware of Girls.....

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    [[M]][Humor] Beware of Girls.....

    Beware of girls...

    One day, a girl, 18 yrs old, heard from her mother that if she does a regular prayer for 4 yrs, a divine "Angel" would come to her in her dreams & give her 3 opertunities to wish anything. So she decided to do it. She completed 4 yrs successfully, doing prayer regularly.

    Now it was a day for "Angel" to come. So she slept earlier with thoughts in her mind to ask. And, really an "Angel" comes in her dreams. Now this is the dialogue between them.

    Angel : O Girl, you prayed to me regularly within last 4 yrs, so I am very very happy with you. I will complete any of your 3 wishes. You can ask anything you like, but there is one condition.

    Girl: Condition!, what is that?

    Angel : You have a boy-friend?

    Girl : Yes.

    Angel : When you were doing a prayer, he was waiting for you, so he also sacrificed same as you. Moreover, he didn't know anything about boon and all, so he is also eligible for the boons. So whatever you will ask, he will get 10 times more than that of you. If you are agreed, then proceed for the 1 st boon.

    Girl : (After thinking for some time ...): Yes, I am ready.

    Girl : 1st, make me 10 times richer than the richest person in the world.

    Angel: But your boy-friend will be 10 times richer than you.

    Girl : It's OK.

    Angel : Be as you wish!

    Girl: 2nd, Make me 10 times more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world. Angel: But your boy-friend will be 10 times handsome than the most handsome boy in the world.

    Girl: It's OK.

    Angel : Be as you wish.

    Angel : Now the last boon remains.

    Girl : O Angel, please give me a MILD HEART-ATTACK.

    Angel : What? Are you sure!

    Girl : Yes. Very sure!

    Angel: Be as you wish.

    Think friends, what happened to her boy-friend, he got a severe heart-attack & died at once, while the girl remained alive. Thus, the girl became the world's most beautiful girl and the richest one, too.

    Moral of the story (1) :

    So intelligent the girls are! Girls are really more intelligent than we believe about them to be. So be careful boys!

    Now, girls please stop reading ...

    ............................... boys scroll down...


    Dear boys, dont worry, actually what happened is something different than what you all think! Actually,the girl's boy-friend got a heart-attack, 10 TIMES MILDER than that of the girl. So the boy-friend lived longer than the girl, being world's richest and the most handsome boy.

    Moral of the story(2) :

    Dear boys, the girls are not really that much intelligent than what we believe them to be. So dont worry if you think that you have girl-friend, intelligent than you.

    Hey.. you ..I told u girls not to read...

    Hhmmm ................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Haha heard a joke similar to this. Good share anyway.

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    yeah..but cool

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