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Thread: How to Create Email Signatures??

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    How to Create Email Signatures??

    How to Create Email Signatures??

    Millions of people send email every day. Attaching a signature to your emails will save you time in the long run. An email signature is a segment of text or an image that is placed at the bottom of the body of your email message. Knowing how to create email signatures and use them to your advantage can help you in the business world or even in your private email conversations.

    Step 1


    Decide which information you want to include in your signature. If your emails are for business use, you probably want to attach contact information. You can also use your email signature to put a disclaimer or any business policies that you want to include in all your transmissions. If your email is for private use, you can find a favorite quote or use any other personal message you wish to include.
    Step 2

    Find the instructions on your email program on how to alter your signature. The ability to change your email signature is usually one of the main options, but if you arenít sure or want more specifics, use the help feature.

    Step 3

    Add in the text or image you wish to use as your signature. Be aware that whenever you send out an email, your signature will be added to the message of your email. If your signature isnít appropriate for everyone you might email, you might want to change it so itís more universally suitable.
    Step 4

    Send a test email to yourself. Once you set up your email signature, it should start appearing immediately once you send your next email message. Send an email to yourself to make sure itís appearing properly.

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    Thank you for information.

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