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Thread: Where Are These DDLJ Stars Now ? Check Out

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    Where Are These DDLJ Stars Now ? Check Out

    Where Are These DDLJ Stars Now ? Check Out

    Enough has been said about Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol) - the awesome pair from India's longest running film.
    But where are the other actors who played an equally important role in making DDLJ what it is we wonder...
    No we are not talking about Anupam Kher, Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal or any of prominent character actors.
    We are referring to the extras, who had only a few scenes in the movie. So more than 700 weeks
    after the film's release, we decided to take stock of what each of them is up to...


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    Mandira Bedi aka Preeti: The simple girl next door from Bhatinda who flips for Raj was none other
    than Mandira Bedi. And over the years she has transformed into every Indian male's sari clad fantasy.
    Mandira by then was already a popular face after her TV show Shanti. But she hit jackpot with
    her association as cricket's glam face. Mandira and her wardrobe continue to be
    discussed much more than the matches she covers.

    Karan Johar aka Rocky: This was Raj's fat friend who is shit scared of lying to his parents and gets a firing from Amrish Puri
    at the Beer store! This role was played by the Aditya Chopra's then assistant who later went on to become one of India's most influential directors.
    Few years after DDLJ, Karan (he wasn't KJo then) made his directorial debut with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that successfully
    carried forward the trend of feel good NRI romances. Today, apart from being an active producer and
    a prominent socialite, he is also working on his next biggie called My Name Is Khan.

    Anaita Shroff aka Sheena: She played Kajol's sexy best friend who SRK flirts with before Ruk Jaa...
    Anaita Shroff is today one of Bollywood's leading designers and was responsible for giving
    Ash, Bips and Hrithik their super makeovers in Dhoom 2.

    Parmeet Sethi aka Kuljeet: He was the asli Punjabi munda whose parents pick Simran as his suitable bride.
    Kuljeet lost the girl to Raj, but Parmeet Sethi went on to do some decent work on television and films.
    Now Parmeet has returned to his home turf, not as actor but director - and is all set to make
    a Yash Raj film with Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. Not bad huh!

    Arjun Sablok aka Roby: That's Raj's other friend who shivers at the convocation thinking he has failed to graduate!
    Post DDLJ, Arjun Sablok moved on to making ad films till he turned full-time director with Hrithik-Esha starrer Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.
    But that as well as his second film Neil N Nikki proved to be disasters. He is yet to direct another film, but continues t
    o make cameos in YRF films…remember the casino manager in Dhoom?

    Pooja Ruparel aka Chutki: The exuberant kid who played Kajol's sister went on to become a model.
    A few years before DDLJ, Pooja had ironically played SRK's adopted sister in King Uncle.
    While she has done quite a few ads, the best remembered one of course is the one for a
    telecom company - where she again teamed up with Kajol. As an actress Pooja is still waiting for that big break.

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    Thanks 4 sharing

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    nice post........

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