After Few Minutes Of Delivery; Baby Boy Swapped For A Girl

Shortly after her baby was born, Reshmabanu says, doctors told her it was a boy. Her husband, Mohammad Sartaj Sayeed, is equally adamant that it was a boy, claiming to have seen his son outside the operation ward. Minutes after the delivery, however, doctors produced papers that showed the newborn was a girl.

Sartaj (26), a fruit seller, a father of two daughters, has accused the authorities of Oshiwara Maternity Home of substituting someone else’s daughter for his son. After he complained on Wednesday night, a policeman allegedly assaulted a ward boy who had allegedly shown a baby boy to the father. Following the alleged assault, class-IV workers went on strike till 3 am.
Reshmabanu had delivered her baby around 6 pm. “I was told by the doctors that I delivered a boy and they asked me whether I would want to undergo sterilisation. I told them to ask my husband,” she said.

Her husband was outside the operation theatre, waiting with his sister. “The ward boy came out with the baby. Excited, I asked him to show me the sex of the baby. He asked me for a bribe and showed me; it was a boy. But after some time, two lady doctors came with some papers and declared it was a baby girl,” he alleged. In the gynaecology ward, his wife added, “I was not fully conscious but I could make out that the doctors seemed tense as they spoke among themselves. I asked them to get me my son and they told me to get some sleep first. The next I saw was a policeman in the room, asking me not to sign on any paper given by the hospital.”



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