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Thread: Show You Love

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    Show You Love

    Love is something out of the ordinary,
    Yet is shown through ordinary things.
    It never fades, nor disappears,
    But remains forever in the things you do.

    I wish I could say that everyone knows how to love,
    But then I would be admitting the untrue.
    Every person has love within them,
    They just need to know what to do with it.
    Most say that a rose is a symbol of love;

    This is correct.

    But what about an apple given to a
    Poor beggar woman by a child?
    I guess what I'm getting at,
    Is that some people think love is
    Only contained in candy, roses, and sweet perfume,
    When in fact it can be in anything;

    You just have to show it.

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    bohut khob..........

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    ha..ha..ha....thanks.... dont forget to show your love

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