I thought my loving days had ended
My heart had been torn apart
Now I find my life worthwhile
With much love inside my heart.

Now I wish time would stand still
So I could feel this way forever.
How beautiful it is to love again
Not wanting you to leave me ever.

You brought me up when I was down.
You brought sunshine into my days.
The feelings I have in my heart for you
Are embedded there to stay.


I thought I would never love again.
Love was something I could live without.
Now each new day is better than before
As I remember what love is all about.

Who would have thought someone my age
Could feel so alive and young again
Like a teenager experiencing a first love
Never wanting each day to end.

When we are together it's like
We are the only people in the world.
If it were possible to stop the time
And stay this way forever - I would.

I thought I could live without love,
Now I know it isn't true.
My life would be so empty now
After experiencing my love for you.