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Thread: Make a Butterfly Garden

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    Make a Butterfly Garden

    Make a Butterfly Garden

    Butterflies are some of nature's most colorful creatures. With more than 28,000 different species of butterflies worldwide, you may have only caught a glimpse of a few species of butterflies in your lifetime. However, if you desire to see more, you may want to consider creating a butterfly garden. While these gardens require your care, you will be rewarded with regular visitors and you will be helping to preserve the habitat of these beautiful creatures.


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    Things You'll Need:

    * Sand
    * Shallow dish
    * Flat rocks

    Step 1

    Research which butterflies are common to your region. You will want to tailor your garden for these butterflies.
    Step 2

    Select the location for your garden in an area that receives plenty of sunshine, but is protected from the wind.
    Step 3

    Cultivate your soil to prepare for planting and then disperse some flat rocks throughout your garden area. These rocks will provide a landing site for butterflies to sit and warm their wings.
    Step 4

    Choose plants for your garden. Try to pick plants that will attract butterflies from your region. Keep in mind that you also want to select a wide variety of plants so that you will have flowers in bloom from late spring until fall.
    Step 5

    Create a few small mud puddle areas in your garden. Butterflies like to land on the edge of these mud puddles. This can be done by filling a shallow dish or bucket with sand and then adding just enough water to keep the sand moist.
    Step 6

    Remember to attract caterpillars by including plants that they like to eat. These plants will also draw the females to lay eggs in the garden.

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