An innovative online forum has been recently launched to promote the exchange of knowledge in the field of GPS tracking. The website is an online discussion site, similar to a message board or bulletin board, which publishes and manages user-generated content.

Rocky Mountain Tracking has created this online GPS forum in an effort to facilitate communication between leading experts in the industry and the general public who desire to feed from the knowledge of these businesses.

The forum invites open discussion of subjects related to, but not limited to: GPS, GIS, M2M, LBS, RFID, Telematics, related news, research and development.

RMT is inviting companies that specialize in GPS and related technology to participate by answering questions and moderating the forum. These companies will not only be recognized for the knowledge they share, but they will also be able to post news about their latest developments.

"We want to bring together industry experts with the general public to provide a valuable online resource for questions about the field of GPS tracking," explains Brad Borst, President of RMT. These independent experts will answer questions that are posted by members of the site and will direct topics of conversation with their valuable knowledge.

Methods of information sharing today are being evermore turned toward an online audience. This GPS forum will likely draw together an astonishing number of members, which will generate an envious amount of exposure for the companies who participate as a contributor or moderator.

Users of the GPS forum must register as members to be able to submit content to the website. This requires creating a username and password, following the validation process and agreement to terms and conditions. The user must agree to adhere to the rules and policies of the site before being permitted to become a member.

Such rules of forums often pertain to relevancy and appropriateness of content, and are enforced by administrators or moderators. All violation of rules should be addressed solely by these authorities and not by other members. After becoming a member, the user may post content to the site in the form of comments or questions.

The success of the GPS forum is completely a function of consistent use and publicity. As more amateurs and experts provide questions and answers, the forum will grow to reach thousands with new information about GPS and M2M related technology, so join us in sharing this world of knowledge!