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    Indianisms are certain grammatical errors in English language that are very common in India .
    Let us look at some of the Indianisms:

    1. Me and my friend
    2. Mr. Smith please have little patience.
    3. Mrs. Mary, How are you today?
    4. I am here only.
    5. She did it itself.
    6. He himself did the work.
    7. I will return it back to you.
    8. Please revert back.
    9. I had an operation three years back.
    10. Don�t worry sir, I will satisfy you.
    11. Please be online for a moment while��.
    12. I did not took it.
    13. I did not knew it.
    14. I am loving it.
    15. You are going. Is it?
    16. The food is bad it seems.
    17. I myself did it.
    18. Sorry, I beg your pardon.
    19. This work is more easier than that.
    20. I have a terrific headache.
    21. Prepone the meeting.
    22. A newly arrived immigrant from India would try to speak "chaste English" with people he would meet, ask their "good name" and how many "issues" they have, and insist that they do not "observe formality', but "have a beer bottle" or two with him. They cannot meet his "better half", because she is having "a head bath", but being "newly married", he is "cent-per-cent" sure that she is "carrying". Since he is not "a busybody" today because he has had his "offs" changed to Sundays by "oiling" his boss, he might offer them a ride in his new car, but will make sure there is a "stepany" in the "dickey", otherwise they might have to "foot" it in case of a "puncture".
    23. He is unconfident about his skills.
    24. Run quickly quickly or you will miss the bus.
    25. Eat slowly slowly.
    26. The sky is so blue blue today.
    27. Until you do not eat, I will not go from here.
    28. I am a nonveg.
    29. I am a veg.
    30. When I was doing my schooling.
    31. When is your happy birthday?
    32. Are you coming for the happy New Year party?
    33. She interrupted in between the meeting.
    34. I have a Stepney in my car.
    35. My would-be is from Bangalore .
    36. Eve-teasing is very common in many cities across India .
    37. She performs many charities.
    38. Let us discuss about this.
    39. They did it, no?
    40. He is here, isn�t it?
    41. She closed the door, did she?
    42. He does this always.
    43. A question �Didn�t you take Rita to school?�
    May be answered with: Yes, I didn�t.
    44. I only told her to do that.
    45. She had so much of work to do that�..
    46. Let�s go out for some ice-cream-vice- cream.
    47. Seriously, she is a good person.
    48. What is your good name?
    49. A person from the south
    Might say: I simply forwarded the mail to my boss.
    50. My cousin-brother is younger than my cousin-sister.



    mohammed marzuk ali

    Reply if u like!

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    20, 26, 31 are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha.....never noticed these!!!!

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    INDIANISMS ???????????

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