To split the petrol,
Renting the board, recommend a disk,
to ride to party, spend glue,
walking in shopping, hold the bar?
All the alternatives are correct,
But this is not enough to save
a friend on the left side of the chest.
Milan Kundera, Czech writer,
wrote in his latest book, "The Identity",
that friendship is essential
for the smooth functioning of memory
and for the integrity of the self.
Draws the friends of witnesses from the past
and says they are our mirror,
that we can look through them.
Vai addition: says that all friendship
is an alliance against adversity,
alliance without which human beings
would be disarmed against its enemies.
Truth true.
Friends recent cost understand this alliance,
not even value what is being contracted.
Friendships are not tested by time,
it is not known whether the strength to face storms
or whether they will be scanned into a rain of summer.
We will see.
A friend split not only the petrol:
splits memories,
crisis, crying, experience.
Splits to blame, splits secrets.
A friend not only lends the board.
Empresta the verb, lends the shoulder,
lends time,
lends the heat and the jacket.
A friend recommended not only a disc.
Recommends care, recommends a job,
recommends a country.
A friend does not ride just to party.
Takes you to the world of him,
and know your topa.
A friend is no more only glue.
Moves with a pinch,
passes along the Reveillon.
A friend walks not only in shopping.
Come in silence in pain,
you enter in the field,
leaves the failure on your part.
A friend did not secure the bar, only.
Secure the hand, the absence,
secure a confession, secure the the problem
the words obcenas secure the lift.
Two dozen friends so no one has.