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Thread: Change the Name of ur MENU (N70,N72,N90)

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    Change the Name of ur MENU (N70,N72,N90)

    For OS 8.1 only N70,N72,N90)

    1. Instal the attach file.

    2. Open your HEX EDITOR and go to !/system/apps/menu/Menu_loc.rsc
    edit the file via Hexadecimal and change the name CEPTEAM to the one
    you want. 2 po yun. Gudluck! (use ZntxRsc_Rsc.Pyc_Editor.v1.03_S60v2
    for best result on editing)


    Install ZntxRsc_Rsc.Pyc_Editor.v1.03_S60v2
    Edit rsc file and pyc files for s60v2. Recomended for the changing menu apps.


    Note: You need to have python and module pack on your phone.

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