Today is a special day
Which we are both about to enter
A day that will change our lives
And make our worlds different forever
I have watched as you smiled
Over these many long days
I have watched your love for me grow
In many, many different ways
You always worry when I am sad
Letting me know that you have concern
Returning my life to happiness
Is for what you constantly yearn
The ease with which you dismiss
The things that made you mad
You turn everything to good
Even when it starts out bad
Now I am giving you my heart
For you to hold so dear
To cherish my soul each day
And forever with each be near
The rings we give to each
Are symbols of the bonds between us
We must stand together now as one
And let no person come between us
The vows we are now giving are held sacred
And come straight from my heart
If we mean what is being said
Our new world will never fall apart
So take my love with understanding and care
And cherish what I have given you
As I accept you in fullness
And I will forever cherish you
So when this ceremony is complete
And this day is through
Remember in this closing
My darling "I LOVE YOU"