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    Funny sms - 2

    1) Filmi life aur Asli life me kya ANTAR hai?Srdr:Film me bahut mushkilo k bad shadi hoti hai. Asli life me shadi k bad bahut mushkil hoti hai.

    2) It was Santa's weding aniversary.Preeto :Shall v hav Tandoori chicken to celebrate? Santa:y punish da poor chicken for da mistake v hav made

    3) Fizao me tum ho Hawao me tum ho Baharo me tum ho Dhoop me tum ho chhaon me tum ho.Sach hi suna tha.buri aatma ka koi thikana nahi hota...

    4) U'r very special for me. I'm very concerned about u'r safety. But I can't be with u always. So please, Take Care of yourself when u jump from 1 tree 2 anothe

    5) Definition of a Nurse
    " a young and beautiful woman who fingers you in all places n holds your hand and then expects your pulse to be normal...!

    6) To,
    The A.C.P,
    Police station

    Respected Sir,
    As my friend forgot to SMS me,I kindly request u to take action against him & encounter His USELESS mobile !

    7) Jab hum roya karenge teri yaden dhoya karenge,Jab hum pia karenge tujhe yaad kia karenge,Agar hum mar bhi gaye to kya hoga,YAMRAJ ke mobile se SMS kia kareng

    Bhagwan ke bina mandir adhoora hai, dosti ke bina jeevan adhoora hai,patni ke bina ghar adhoora hai,AUR AAPKE BINA CIRCUS ADHOORA HAI.

    9) Yeh kis tarah yaad aa rahe ho,
    Aankhen band hai phir bhi nazar aa rahe ho,
    Na jane kyon aisa lagta hai jaise saamne khade ho
    aur POONCHH HILAA rahe ho...!!!

    Aankho me "SHARAFAT" Chaal me "NAJAKAT" Dil me "SACHCHAI" aur Chehre me "SAFAI" phir kyon na bole her LADKI apko "BHAI".

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