The Three Phases of The South Beach Diet

South Beach diet phase 1:
"Banishing your cravings"
This is a 2 weeks of "strict" dieting and is the initial weight loss period. Nearly all carbohydrates are avoided but do not get the wrong idea. The South Beach diet states that you should never be left hungry. Suprisingly it actually includes six different times you can eat throughout the day. While you are on the South Beach diet, you should eat normal size portions that satisfy your real hunger. But certainly you should not go for more than that. However the food you do eat should be limited to "good fats" and foods with the lowest Glycemic Index needed for blood sugar control.

Southbeach diet phase 2:
"Reintroducing carbs"
In this phase the the good carbs are introduced back into your diet, you continue to lose weight until you reach your target weight.
You should use the glycemic index to pick foods that are low in carbohydrates in terms of how they effect your blood sugar levels (low glycemic index foods). Compared to the south beach phase 1, you will find that your rate of weight loss will slow down a little as the aim is to continue losing weight whilst increasing your carbohydrate intake. This should not tempt you to simply stay on phase one. The aim of the south beach diet is to focus on your health as well as your figure! .If you do find you've put on some more weight on phase 2 then the ideal thing to do is to return to phase 1 for a short period of time to lose the extra weight

Southbeach diet phase 3:
"A diet for life"
This phase deals with the life long period, maintaining your desired weight with a healthy balanced diet. The south beach diet phases provide a plan that you can easily stick to in order to maintain a healthy weight. You will have minimal cravings for bad foods and will have already settled into a eating plan that you're happy with. If you find you're putting on weight, you can simply go back to previous phases until you're back to your ideal weight. You can then return to South beach phase three again.