You are Unique...!!!


When somebody stares with an awkward eye,
When they laugh and they giggle as they pass you by.
When they tell you your fat, ugly or dumb,
You just want to run away but your whole body is numb.
You just want to cry, you don't want to speak,
Keep your head up, for you are unique!

Never let anybody put you down,
Instead turn that frown upside down!
For you know your heart is big and pure,
The ones that are staring are insecure.

Just keep on walking and put on a smile,
Turn the other cheek as did God's child!
You are a person You belong on this earth,
God had plans since the day of your birth.

You are a mother, a father, a son a daughter, a friend you're everyone!
So Hold Your head high, your soul you should seek. Be proud, be strong for you are Unique!