*You're the world to me--

there's no one quite like you.

You're the one I love,

the one I want to touch.

I give you my heart,

and I need you so much.

I offer you my sweet caresses;

fill me with your wonderful light;

soothe my aching heart;


and hold me through the night.

The mere sound of your voice

summons deep emotion within

Like an old familiar song

like the comfort of a friend.

When you're near,

I'm lost to thoughts of love

as you touch me with a magic

that's as grand as stars above.

I want you to hold my hand.

I hunger for your kiss.

Offer me sweet tidings

of true love's tender bliss.

I promise our love shall soar,

carried on the wings of a dove.

So give me your heart,

and bless me with your love