According to CNN, a Senior State Department official is reporting that Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the brother of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, has been detained and placed under house arrest. Last month, video was released that showed Sheikh Issa torturing a grain dealer.


The news comes after the Abu Dhabi government “unequivocally condemn[ed] the actions” and said they would “conduct a comprehensive review of the matter” last week.

Human Rights Watch, who earlier sent a letter to the UAE urging them to bring the Sheikh to justice, said the arrest was “reassuring,” but reiterated their call for “an independent body” to investigate the incident.

This is a positive step forward for the Abu Dhabi government, but the slow drip of proceedings is concerning. It appears to have taken international media coverage and a Human Rights Watch condemnation to push the government to even looking into the matter. It will be important that Abu Dhabi and the UAE actually bring justice to such a close family member of the Crown Prince. They will if they are as committed to human rights and NYU’s vision as John Sexton claims them to be.