Information on the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet appears to differ from other diets in that it does not rely on low carbs or low fat. Instead, it's purpose is to educate people to rely on the right carbs and fats, and teach them to avoid the ‘bad’ ones. South beach diet also looks at the way we eat our food. It works on the principle that weight gain is caused by sugars and starches being absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly. Highly processed foods, for example, are digested and absorbed very quickly by our stomachs causing a surge in blood sugar and a craving for more carbs and more food.

What is the South Beach Diet
South Beach Diet plan is not only for people who wish to lose weight but the ones who want to reduce cholesterol as well as decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems. This eating plan does require both determination and willpower like any other diet plan. Those that are accustomed to eating highly processed foods and saturated fats will have to make a radical change to their eating habits. However, according Dr Arthur Agatston, cravings for these unhealthy food types begin to disappear within the first week. The diet also encourages three meals a day, as well as regular healthy snacks. Satisfying your hunger is an important part of the South beach diet plan.

South Beach Diet is also sometimes referred to as a "kinder" or less-strict version of Atkins, but is actually a bit different. The main similarity between the two diets is that both consist of an introductory two-week period. As with the Induction phase on Atkins, Phase 1 of South Beach Diet is quite a bit more stringent than the last two phases -- they consist of continued weight loss and maintenance.

So, Is the South Beach Diet Just Another Low Carbohydrate Diet?
No! the South Beach Diet is not just another low carbohydrate diet. The idea with the South Beach Diet is to lose weight in a manner that's healthy for the dieter. Unlike other low carb diets, it does this by having the dieter select between good and bad carb foods. For this reason a dieter on the South Beach Diet will often eat more fruit and even whole grain bread when compared to other low carb diets. The SouthBeach Diet is more balanced than many other low carb diets.

The South Beach Diet does not focus on just selecting low carbohydrate foods, instead, it focuses on how foods effect your blood sugar levels. This is measured by the glycemic index and this is what's used to differentiate between good and bad carb foods.